What is a Wysh and How can I request for a Wysh?

Where will I receive my WYSH video? How can I download/share my WYSH video?

What is the price for a Wysh?

What are the occasions that you can request for a wysh

How long will a celebrity take to make the video ?

Where can I see the status of my WYSH request?

Can I cancel my wysh request if the celebrity hasn't yet recorded the wysh?

I made an error in my WYSH request - can I update or edit it?

How will I know when a particular celebrity/new celebrity will be available ?

Is there a guarantee for celebrity to complete the Wysh

Can my Wysh request get cancelled? or can the celebrity reject my request ?

What happens when the wysh request is not completed by the celebrity

Where(account) will I get my refund ?

Can /Why can't I request multiple times from the same celebrity?